• We will provide qualified, caring and enthusiastic educators who will nurture each child's learning, thinking and development

  • We will provide an educational program with links to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (QKLG)

  • We will build children’s self-esteem by providing experiences that promote growth, direction, purpose and motivation

  • Children will be given opportunities to gain lifelong skills of resilience, teamwork, creativity and joy through outdoor learning and nature play spaces within the service

  • Children will be encouraged to try and try again, promoting confidence through trial and error

  • We acknowledge that parents and care givers are the first and foremost important being in a child’s life, therefore we will work with them in bringing the best out of each and every individual


  • Provide a safe, secure and supported atmosphere where children can feel knowledgeable and confident within themselves​

  • Make children feel as though they belong and are able to support each other through diversity and respect

  • Develop children's characters socially and emotionally while also taking responsibility for their own health and wellbeing

  • Involve children in learning in ways that will assist them in developing their confidence and willingness to learn and be included

  • Teach children that they are unique and that they have a voice that deserves to be heard and respected

  • To provide children with a wide range of unstructured play, outdoor nature play and risky play



Mount Coolum Day Care Centre would like to acknowledge the Gubbi Gubbi people as traditional custodians of the land on which our service is situated and we pay respect to the Gubbi Gubbi Elders, past and present. We would like to extend that respect to Indigenous children and their families who attend our service and recognise the continuing connection Indigenous people have to the land and waters of this region.

At Mount Coolum Day Care Centre we believe that children benefit enormously from being immersed in our natural outdoor learning environments. We feel children should enjoy the wonder of childhood through unstructured play, outdoor nature play and risky play to give them lifelong skills of resilience, teamwork, confidence, creativity and joy.


We are committed to being a sustainable service and teaching children to care for our natural environment and the planet. Children of all ages participate in nature play. We love our garden and actively garden alongside the children, teaching them about their natural environment, developing sustainable practices and an awareness to protect our environment.


Mount Coolum Day Care Centre embraces a child led, play based learning program that is reflective of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the Queensland Kindy Learning Guidelines (QKLG). The national framework and Kindy guidelines are based on extensive research about what is most important for young children’s learning.

We believe in a holistic approach to learning and base our program around this. Educators pay attention to children’s physical, personal, social, and emotional wellbeing as well as cognitive aspects of learning. Educators also recognise the connections between children, families and communities and the importance these relationships have on learning.

Our professional educators and management team are highly skilled and knowledgeable, using ongoing critical reflection to improve on our best practices. Our team are committed to lifelong learning and are dedicated to providing quality outcomes for children through the continuous improvement of our practices to ensure the rights and best interest of the child are valued.

Mount Coolum Day Care Centre views all children as successful, competent and capable learners who are given opportunities to contribute to their learning and participate in decisions that affect them. We believe that each child is a unique being who holds the right to reach their fullest potential by feeling that they belong, are safe, are secure, are loved and are nurtured.

We are aware of the high importance of developing strong, secure and respectful relationships between the children, families and educators at Mount Coolum Day Care Centre. By doing so, it enables us to provide a safe and supported care driven environment free of prejudice and judgement.

Individual children's cultural, religious and nutritional needs are respected as we believe the best quality care is offered when both parents and educators work in partnership together.


Reviewed March 2021

Did you know we offer a Government Approved Kindergarten Program?


These programs are designed to meet government guidelines to support children's participation in quality early childhood education. 


The play-based learning of an Approved Kindergarten Program helps prepare children for school and develop skills that are useful for life.


An approved kindergarten program is:

  • provided for children in the year before Prep (i.e. children who are 4 by 30 June in the year they start

  • play based

  • delivered by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher

  • required to meet strict national and state guidelines.


We offer subsidised fees for our Kindy program. (conditions apply)  


Call our Director Bec today to organise a tour of our Kindy room


  • We provide a nurturing, supportive and inclusive environment for children to learn about who they are and their place in the world.


  • We cater for the needs, strengths, and interests of each child attending our kindergarten program.  


  • Each child’s home environment is recognised as the primary grounds of their learning and development, so family input is encouraged through a range of opportunities throughout the year.


  • We get involved daily with the caretaking of our gardens. Children are encouraged to respect and connect with the natural, local environment around them. 


  • Self-help skills are supported, to encourage independence and confidence, which are necessary for school readiness. Becoming familiar with, and being able to follow a routine also helps us become ready for school. 


  • Social and emotional development is supported by sensitive, dedicated staff. Children are guided to exchange positive social interactions with peers, animals and other staff.


  • Early literacy and numeracy skills are embedded into our daily program, in a fun playful way. We recognise that each child learns at their own pace, in their own learning style, and in their own time.


  • Our rest routine caters for your children’s needs. Only the children who choose to sleep are on beds while friends rest quietly nearby and read some books, followed by a period of quiet table activities.


  • Table activities develop fine motor and hand/eye co-ordination skills, problem solving skills, and encourage creative expression. Table activities also help ready children for sitting lengths of time at tables when they enter Prep next year. 

We look forward to learning with and guiding your child into becoming lifelong learners.