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The Significance of Getting Active from a Young Age

Updated: Mar 23, 2018

To maximise early children development it is crucial for them to be outdoors

Let’s be honest, we all could be a little more active. Keeping up with our kids is hard enough but since they never run out of steam we often forget how important it is to implement a daily dose of exercise. Exercise is absolutely vital for good health and development, and different physical activities teach children invaluable skills they will need throughout their lives.

Here at Mount Coolum Day Care Centre, we place a priority on encouraging families to live an active lifestyle and to get children to play outdoors as much as possible. We have listed the three main benefits your child will gain from being active. And hey, why not join them, beats jogging.

Improved Motor Skills

Let’s get your children to start jumping, skipping, sprinting and folding. Refining their gross and fine motor skills is key in making them little sporting rock stars in the future. We want to give them the strength and confidence to tackle the world. Developing these skills will help your child to adapt to more complex skills needed in future activities. There is also nothing more fun than getting their body moving, they will thank you with uninterrupted nap time.

Improved Sleep

What is the biggest struggle as a Parent? The answer is often getting a good night’s sleep, for you and your child. A major factor effecting their physical and mental development is getting a good night’s rest. Exercise has the ability to put your child into a deeper sleep at a faster rate; and will also put them in a better mood for the next day. This will not only make your child happy but makes your life easier as well.

Improved Social Skills

Studies show that children team bonding experienced in physical games is one of the leading factors of social development. When children are involved in group physical activities they are building their communication ability. By taking part in activities where they need to communicate to both teachers and other children, they are improving their social skills. Communication is one of the most important skills to have throughout life, and learning this from a young age is immensely beneficial.

At Mount Coolum Day Care Centre, we understand the importance of children being happy and healthy so we provide several programs to give them an active diet.

Yoga and meditation is another program we try to incorporate at our centre designed to introduce kids to active mental development in a fun manner. This program teaches kids skills in strength, balance, coordination and concentration. You can read more in our Young & Yoga article.

These classes provide great ways for children to be active in a fun and friendly way. We also encourage parents to get their children involved in being active outside of the centre. You can run around with your little one outside, kick or pass a ball with them or take them to a playground.

By developing an appreciation of being active from a young age, it ensures that children will remain active as they get older which is beneficial to their health.

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