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The Young and Yoga

Updated: Mar 27, 2018

Why Yoga for children is the next great thing.

A great feeling at the end of the day is to pick your child up and hear their excited voice telling the different stories they have from the day. From the new friends they met, to the games they played, to the new things they learned. One second they’ll talk about how little Jessica left a handprint of paint on Jimmy’s face, and the next they’ll be throwing themselves on the grass to show you the cool new cartwheel Robert did. But now instead of cartwheels, kids are going home and standing forward with their back leg stretched out, arms raised high to the ceiling in perfect balance and shouting “Look Mum! Warrior’s Pose!” Yoga is full of exciting things to learn and show off, so it’s not a surprise that parents are itching to get their kids involved in a program.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient form of mind, body and spiritual awareness originating in India and embedded in various religious practices such as Hinduism and Buddhism. It combines stretching, poses and breathing techniques to improve the practitioners’ mental and physical health. Many studies support the benefits offered by this ancient practice.

Why should you get your child involved?

Yoga for children is a fun and healthy way for them to learn about body awareness, and more importantly, it will help you out as a parent at home. For example, with their improved balanced you get to deal with fewer scrapes and bruises. Imagine all the savings on band-aids! Yoga will increase their strength, which means they can help carry the shopping bags from the car. And then with their improved concentration and focus you won’t have to worry about them running off as often. Though that might mean less exercise for you.

Here at Mount Coolum Day Care Centre we run daily Yoga and Meditation sessions with excellent results. Call or message us today to arrange a session for your child.

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